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A Letter About NIL from Startup Waco’s Jon Passavant

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Jon's GXG Support Campaign Letter

Baylor Family,

Startup Waco is extremely grateful for the ways you continually partner with us for a thriving economy and a lively culture of entrepreneurship in our city. Baylor was a founding member of the committee that formed Startup Waco, and our continued relationship with the Baylor Family has truly been instrumental in forming who we are today.

At the start of this new year, we're already seeing how your time, resources and talents are shaping the entrepreneurial landscape of Waco in 2023 and beyond. We couldn't do it without you. In fact, that very "It takes us all" mentality is what led us to start GXG™.

In collaboration with incredible partners like Baylor, we created GXG™ to stand apart from similar organizations who participate in Name-Image-Likeness (NIL) opportunities. Our hope is that GXG™ will ultimately empower student-athletes to use their platform in the community in ways that not only benefit themselves but also uplift our city. We're just beginning to scratch the surface of how this new stream of opportunity can be leveraged for everyone involved.

We recognize that so many people, including student-athletes, have incredible ideas but it's a complicated landscape to know how to start. GXG™ seeks to come alongside those student-athletes. Working with partners and donors, GXG™ offers a suite of options such as connections with local business opportunities, entrepreneurial development, and individualized incubators that empower student-athletes to maximize their own potential.

Fans who wish to support student-athletes can directly contribute through GXG™, opening up a range of opportunities for NIL activations. GXG™ is designed to work with all eligible student-athletes at Baylor. Moreover, fans are able to donate to GXG™ as a whole, or are able to direct funds to specific sports. As a program of Startup Waco, a registered nonprofit organization, all donations to GXG™ are tax-deductible.

We truly believe that GXG™ can build something special for so many in our community. Our goal is to continue improving this program and the experience it provides to everyone, from fans in the Baylor Family to the student-athletes themselves.

Contributions to support NIL activations through GXG™ can be made at For more information on GXG™, follow @GXG_GreenxGold on social media and visit the official website


Jon Passavant

CEO, Startup Waco


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