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Waco Tribune-Herald Feature: Startup Waco partners with Progage for Baylor NIL opportunities

Progage and Startup Waco announced a new partnership Monday to help Baylor student-athletes maximize their NIL earning potential.

In collaboration with Startup Waco’s GXG program, Progage will focus on identifying brands and partners to elevate Baylor student-athletes’ NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) local and national marketing opportunities.

Progage is unique in that it has always focused on athletes at all levels of collegiate and professional sports, and not just top-tier athletes and household names. Progage’s goal is to obtain deals for more athletes across all sports.

Waco Tribune-Herald Feature: Startup Waco partners with Progage for Baylor NIL opportunities

“The top few athletes are getting a lot of NIL opportunities, but we’re providing access for all student-athletes through creative marketing, and both local and national brand partners,” said Progage co-founder Kyle Fenner. “We’re excited to partner with Startup Waco because it has deep roots in the community. Progage is headquartered in Dallas, so working with student-athletes close to home is exciting.”

Fenner believes Baylor athletes have ample NIL opportunities due to the success of athletic programs throughout the department.

“Baylor athletics is really on the rise with football building its program, men’s basketball winning the national championship in 2021, and the women’s basketball program among the elite in the nation for some time,” Fenner said. “But our big focus is making sure all student-athletes have avenues to pursue NIL opportunities.”

Startup Waco launched the GXG (Green times Gold) program earlier this year. But Startup Waco CEO Jon Passavant expects Progage to broaden Baylor student-athletes’ NIL opportunities and help them work out deals with businesses and brand partners.

“We’re not an agent, so we needed to partner with an agency that could help them work out deals,” Passavant said. “Engaging Progage really opens doors on a national level. Progage has the experience and connections to put Baylor athletes in front of the types of companies coveted by student-athletes across the country.”

Founded by Fenner and NFL tight end Kaden Smith in 2021, Dallas-based Progage has facilitated hundreds of brand deals, allowing athletes in the Progage network to represent brands like Body Armor, Samsung, Coca Cola, and many more.

Fenner said Progage will work with Baylor student-athletes to grow their social media presence for NIL opportunities.

“We will have a team on campus to help produce photos and videos to create content,” Fenner said. “We will have Baylor students working under our staff as sales and marketing interns who will help us greatly.”


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